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Calcined Petroleum Coke (CPC)

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cpc-Petroleum Coke, calcined pet coke

What is Calcined Petroleum Coke?

Calcined Petroleum Coke (CPC) is obtained by calcining Raw Petroleum Coke (RPC) at temperatures as high as 1400oC. RPC is a by-product of the oil refining process and is derived from the distillation of petroleum crude in delayed cokers. CPC is used in the Aluminum, Graphite Electrode, Steel, Titanium Dioxide and other carbon consuming industries. Calcined Petroleum Coke is also known as Recarburiser / Laddle additive / Carbon raiser.

The Manufacturing Process

Raw Petroleum Coke received from the refinery is fed into a rotary kiln. The coke gradually moves towards the lower end of the kiln and during its movement down the kiln all moisture and volatile matters present in the RPC are driven off. It is a self sustaining process with the burning of hydrocarbons present in the RPC providing for the heat required for calcination. The product received at the end of the process is a highly electrically conductive carbon called Calcined Petroleum Coke.


Physical Properties

Element Percentage
Real Density 2.06 g/cc
Apparent Density 1.40 g/cc
Hard grove grindability index 33-43

Chemical Properties

Element Percentage
Fixed Carbon 98.90 % min
Ash 0.50 % max
Moisture 0.10 % max
Volatile Matter Content 0.50 % max
Sulphur 1.00 % max
Iron, ppm max 300
Nickel, ppm max 15


CPC - Calcined petroleum cokeStandard Sizes (Granulometry)

0-1 mm, 0-4 mm, 0.5-3 mm, 0-25 mm, 1-4 mm, 2-8 mm We also supply as per customer's requirement.

Standard Packing

50 Kg HDPE bag. Packing can also be done as per customer specification.

Suggested Application

- High Carbon pick up of 95% ideal for production of C.I. & steel casting.
-Can be added to furnace at any time.
-Consistency in chemical & physical parameters.
-Less slag formation & over operating cost due to low ash content.
-Can be used as recarburiser in electrical arc furnace, induction furnace in steel & foundry.
-Faster carbon pick up resulting lesser material consumption, better productivity and lesser power   consumption.

  rate of product
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