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Carbon Electrode Paste (CEP)

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What is Carbon Electrode Paste?

Carbon Electrode Paste is a self-baking electrode used in submerged arc furnaces for delivering power to the charge mix. Electrode Paste is added to the top of the electrode column in either cylindrical or briquette form. As the paste moves down the electrode column the temperature increase causes the paste to melt and subsequently bake forming a block of electrically conductive carbon. Electrode Paste is essentially a mix of Electrically Calcined Anthracite (ECA) or Calcined Petroleum Coke (CPC) with Coal Tar Pitch.

The Manufacturing Process

CPC or ECA is screened to different fractions and stored in hoppers. The various fractions are then weighed using a batching system and taken in a bin. The composition of fractions is taken according to the desired Electrode Paste properties. The resulting aggregate is preheated in a mixer to temperatures up to 180oC and Coal Tar Pitch at 200oC is then added and mixed. The quantity of Coal Tar Pitch added varies depending on desired plasticity. Coal Tar Pitch which is used as a binder in the product is manufactured in-house, using Crude Coal Tar from different sources so as to get the precise Electrode Paste quality.


Green Paste

Property ECA Based CPC Based
Plasticity As per customer’s requirement,
typical range 30-35%
As per customer’s requirement,
typical range 30-35%
Fixed Carbon 83% Min 87% Min
Volatile Matter 11-12% 12-13%
Ash 5.0% Max 0.5% Max
Apparent Density 1.68gm/cc Min 1.68gm/cc Min


Baked Paste

Property ECA Based CPC Based
Fixed Carbon 94% Min 99% Min
Porosity 25% Max 35% Max
Apparent Density 1.45gm/cc Min 1.40gm/cc Min
Cold Crushing Strength 250kg/cm2 Min 200kg/cm2 Min
Electrical Resistivity 55-65 Ohm.mm2/meter 85-95 Ohm.mm2/meter



Plasticity can be altered to suit the customer’s requirement. We can supply Electrode Paste in both cylinders and briquettes or as per customer’s requirement though the most preferred size is 2 – 4 inch briquettes. CR recommends using ECA based electrode paste for enhanced furnace performance.

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